Minecraft/Fortnite Parties

Minecraft/Fortnite:  These gaming style parties are developed around team playing, sportsmanship, cooperation & self esteem. Our main ethos, particularly beneficial at this age is the idea thats "its not about winning or loosing but about having fun!"

Make your own creeper mask, get mine craft creatures painted on your face or body, play minecraft team 'mini games' with your friends including mine craft bingo @ MINGO' , Minecraft quiz & "creeper knock out". Go simply crazy with our minecraft mayhem madness. ONLY

155 euro for 1 1/2 hours of chaos! (up to 15 kids)


Added Extras:

Add more kids , more entertainers & more madness (includes choc fountain & fizzy pop)


Our fantastic Minecratf themed table for only €100 to your party. Complete with Lava fountain (lemonade) , Mining Fountain (chocolate),

TNT (liquorice sticks) etc.

This style of party is adapted to suit Fortnite, Pokemon, Skylanders & more current themes.  Just ask & we will try to facilitate your kids latest 'fad'!


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