Disco Dance Party

Think laser lights, smoke machine, glow stciks and all the latest cool tunes!

We turn a space in your own home into a young party goers dream complete with moving lights, smoke machine and the latest tunes on our P.A.


Party goers first enjoy the pre party preparations which include disco styled face & body art with glitter, gems & a lot of pizzazz. Next comes the Glitter nail polish to compliment their neon party glow sticks! But that’s not all! While all the preparation is underway the disco divas make their own VIP passes while the disco dons make their VIP security I.D.’s to gain entry to the liveliest party in town!**

Then starts the music & madness by way of your choice of party games, dance routines & a few little surprises. Guests can sing along with the microphone to their favourite pop tunes & if that all seems like thirsty work they can just sit back & enjoy refreshments from our electric light up cordial fountain.

Indeed a party not to be missed!♬♬

We provide be-spoke activities for your corporate event.

Basic Package: 1 hr, 15 kids, 1 entertainer, 125 euro: glow sticks, light up cordial fountain & art activity, face-paint motif, lights and smoke machine,disco fun & games.


Standard Package: 1 1/2 hours, 15 kids, 1 entertainer, 155 euro : includes, face art, glitter nails, cordial fountain, glow sticks & art activity, lights and smoke machine, disco fun & games

Full Class Package:  1 1/2 hrs 25 kids, 1 entertainer, 155 euro: glow sticks, light up cordial fountain, lights and smoke machine, disco fun & games, .

Deluxe Package: 1 hr 45 min, 20+ kids, 2 entertainers, 255 euro: includes glitter face or body art, glitter nails, glow sticks, hair streak, cordial fountain,  chocolate fountain with mallows, art activity, lights and smoke machine, disco fun & games **

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